Transfers table

Transfers table


Physical locations for patients throughout their hospital stay.

  • patients on subject_id
  • admissions on hadm_id

Important considerations

  • The icustays table is derived from this table.

Table columns

Name Postgres data type
subject_id INTEGER
hadm_id INTEGER
stay_id INTEGER
transfer_id INTEGER
eventtype VARCHAR(10)
careunit VARCHAR(255)
intime TIMESTAMP(0)
outtime TIMESTAMP(0)

Detailed Description

subject_id, hadm_id, transfer_id

Identifiers which specify the patient: subject_id is unique to a patient, hadm_id is unique to a patient hospital stay, stay_id is unique to a patient stay in a hospital unit, transfer_id is unique to a patient physical location.


eventtype describes what transfer event occurred: ‘admit’ for an admission, ‘transfer’ for an intra-hospital transfer and ‘discharge’ for a discharge from the hospital.


careunit contains the care unit in which the patient currently resides.

The intime and outtime of the transfer event correspond to the careunit.

intime, outtime

intime provides the date and time the patient was transferred into the current care unit (careunit) from the previous care unit. outtime provides the date and time the patient was transferred out of the current physical location.

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