medrecon table

medrecon table

The MEDRECON table

On admission to the emergency departments, staff will ask the patient what current medications they are taking. This process is called medicine reconciliation, and the MEDRECON table stores the findings of the care providers.

Table source: Emergency department database.

Table purpose: Document medications a patient is currently taking.

Number of rows:

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  • MAIN on stay_id

Table columns

Name Postgres data type
stay_id INT NOT NULL
charttime TIMESTAMP(0)
name VARCHAR(255)
gsn VARCHAR(10)
ndc VARCHAR(12)
etccode VARCHAR(8)
etcdescription VARCHAR(255)


An identifier which uniquely identifies a single emergency department stay for a single patient.


The time at which the medicine reconciliation was charted.


The name of the medication.


A code for the medication.


The National Drug Code (ndc) for the medication.

etc_rn, etccode, etcdescription

Medications are grouped using a hierarchical ontology. As more than one group may be associated with the medication, etc_rn is used to differentiate the groups (there is no meaning to the order of etc_rn). etccode provides the code and etcdescription provides the description of the group.

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