DRG Codes

Hospital level table


Diagnosis related groups (DRGs) are used by the hospital to obtain reimbursement for a patient’s hospital stay. The codes correspond to the primary reason for a patient’s stay at the hospital.

Table columns

Name Postgres data type
subject_id INTEGER
hadm_id INTEGER
drg_type VARCHAR(4)
drg_code VARCHAR(10)
description VARCHAR(195)
drg_severity SMALLINT
drg_mortality SMALLINT

Detailed Description


subject_id is a unique identifier which specifies an individual patient. Any rows associated with a single subject_id pertain to the same individual.


hadm_id is an integer identifier which is unique for each patient hospitalization.


The specific DRG ontology used for the code.


The DRG code.


A description for the given DRG code.

drg_severity, drg_mortality

Some DRG ontologies further qualify the patient severity of illness and likelihood of mortality, which are recorded here.

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