ICD Procedures

Hospital level table


During routine hospital care, patients are billed by the hospital for procedures they undergo. This table contains a record of all procedures a patient was billed for during their hospital stay using the ICD-9 and ICD-10 ontologies.

Important considerations

  • Procedures during the hospital stay can be billed (1) by the hospital or (2) by the provider. This table contains only procedures billed by the hospital.

Table columns

Name Postgres data type
subject_id INTEGER
hadm_id INTEGER
seq_num INTEGER
icd_code CHAR(7)
icd_version INTEGER


subject_id is a unique identifier which specifies an individual patient. Any rows associated with a single subject_id pertain to the same individual.


hadm_id is an integer identifier which is unique for each patient hospitalization.


The order in which the procedures occurred within the hospital stay.

icd_code, icd_version

icd_code is the International Coding Definitions (ICD) code.

There are two versions for this coding system: version 9 (ICD-9) and version 10 (ICD-10). These can be differentiated using the icd_version column. In general, ICD-10 codes are more detailed, though code mappings (or “cross-walks”) exist which convert ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 codes.

Both ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes are often presented with a decimal. This decimal is not required for interpretation of an ICD code; i.e. the icd_code of ‘0010’ is equivalent to ‘001.0’.

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