MIMIC-IV Change log

Changes between releases of MIMIC-IV

The latest version of MIMIC-IV is v0.4.

This page lists changes implemented in sequential updates to the MIMIC-IV database. Issues are tracked using a unique issue number, usually of the form #100, #101, etc (this issue number relates to a private ‘building’ repository).


MIMIC-IV v0.3 was released August 13th, 2020.

  • d_micro
    • This table has been removed
  • microbiologyevents
    • Added the spec_type_desc, test_name, org_name, and ab_name columns
      • These columns contain the textual name of the organism/antibiotic/test/specimen
    • Added the comments column
      • this column contains information about the test, and in some cases (e.g. viral load tests), contains the result
    • micro_specimen_id has been regenerated; the values will not match previous versions.


MIMIC-IV v0.3 was released July 13th, 2020.

  • Fixed an alignment issue in shifted dates/times


MIMIC-IV v0.2 was released June 23rd, 2020.

  • Updated demographics in the patient table
    • anchor_year -> anchor_year_group
    • anchor_year_shifted -> anchor_year
    • See the patients table for detail on these columns
  • transfers
    • Deleted the los column
  • emar
    • mar_id -> emar_id
      • emar_id is now a composite of subject_id and emar_seq, and has form “subject_id-emar_seq”
    • emar_seq column - a monotonically increasing integer starting with the first eMAR administration
    • Added poe_id and pharmacy_id columns for linking to those tables
  • emar_detail
    • mar_id -> emar_id (changed as above)
    • Deleted the mar_detail_id column
  • hcpcsevents
    • ticket_id_seq -> seq_num
  • labevents
    • Many previously NULL values are now populated - these were removed originally due to deidentification
    • Added the comments column. This contains deidentified free-text comments with labs. PHI is replaced with three underscores (___). If an entire comment is ___, then the entire comment was scrubbed.
    • spec_id -> specimen_id
  • microbiologyevents
    • stay_id column removed
    • spec_id -> micro_specimen_id
  • Added the poe and poe_detail tables
    • Documentation of provider orders for various treatments and other aspects of patient management
  • Added the prescriptions table
    • Documentation of medicine prescriptions via the provider order interface
  • Added the pharmacy table
    • Detailed information regarding prescriptions provided by the pharmacy including formulary dose, route, frequency, dose, and so on.
  • inputevents
    • Fixed an error in the calculation of the amount column
  • icustays
    • Re-derived stay_id - the new stay_id are distinct from the previous version.
  • diagnosis
    • Added diagnosis table with similar schema as the diagnosis_icd table.
  • main
    • Removed diagnosis columns from this table (inserted into diagnosis above)


MIMIC-IV v0.1 was released on 15 August 2019.

Last modified August 17, 2020: update v0.4 change notes (def04ac)